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Free import

• 250 cigarettes or
• 250 grammes of other tobacco products
• 1 Litre of spirits
• 2 litres of wine
• 250 ml of perfume
• Legal gifts valued up to 125 USD


• The Ministry of Agriculture in Israel states that “Importing plants and plant products into Israel, either commercially or in passengers’ ‎personal baggage, is subject to permission by the Plant Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS) of the Ministry of Agriculture”. ‎‎Additionally,” Permits are required for importing fresh produce, plants, plant products, seed, ‎ propagation material, and biotic material.”
• Any cats, dogs and other animals being imported will require a written statement declaring that they have owned the pet for more than 90 days prior to beginning their flight, a general health certificate from the country of origin and a rabies vaccination certificate. Pets coming from the UK will require a rabies vaccination after no more than 5 days inside the country.


• Illegal drugs
• Weapons, Explosives and ammunition
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Plant and plant products – unless permission has been obtained
• Soil
• Milk and Dairy products
• Fresh Meat and meat products
• Games of chance and gambling machines
• Cordless telephones with a range of up to 900 MHz
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material